Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu January 25-31

Breakfasts: Scrambles, Paleo Pancakes, Breakfast Carnitas (with leftover pulled pork)
Lunches: You guess.... Of course, leftovers! This may sound dull or unappetizing, but I find it much more appealing than eating the same quick lunchmeat/tuna salad day after day. This is where you've got to make it fit your own preferences.
- Taco Salad (didn't eat it because Drew got sick, so I ate a lot of left-overs)
- Pulled Pork with Guacamole (never ate it last week, mostly due to illness)
Th - Turkey Carrot Quiche, except I'll use ground beef, since I already have it
- Out of town at a women's retreat - I'll eat as well as I can.
Sa - Out of town at a women's retreat - I'll eat as well as I can.
Su - Might get barbeque at Whitt's (meat only, no sides) and steam some frozen veggies. I've got a feeling we'll all be spent when I get home.

Snacks: Fruit, Nuts, Left-over Paleo-Granola, Smoothies (I've been thinking of throwing veggies in with some frozen strawberries to add one more way to get us all, especially Sam, to eat more veggies.)

So Drew got strep throat Friday afternoon, so date night never materialized. However, I did have a very nasty cheat that I've been dreading to post about. It's funny how this blog gives me accountability even if no one ever reads it. My confession: Sonic cheeseburger, cheese tots and a vanilla Dr Pepper, followed by a Snickers bar. I think two junk food triggers for me are (1) exhaustion and (2) eating alone, or without another adult, I should say. Sam would prefer a corn dog any old day! To battle the exhaustion of taking care of Drew, Sam & Lucy I tried Diet Dr Pepper today, but quickly remembered that I just don't like it. About 5-8oz in, I got a terrible metallic taste in my mouth that lasted until dinner. I think that if I'm not going to have the real deal, I'm not going to have it at all.

So here's to a new week. Cheers!

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