Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There are good reasons to cheat

Last night Drew & I got into an important conversation with a dear friend and found ourselves out of time to cook fish tacos. I know, fish tacos are quick, but little ones necessitate a dinner no later than 6:45 at our house. So we had a big, ugly cheat meal: Papa John's thin crust pepperoni pizza with cheese sticks. It was tasty, but to my surprise, as I sat down I really didn't want to eat it. I reminded myself that important things in life SHOULD supersede what it is I put in my mouth. I fully expect some to disagree with that statement. That's ok. This is my blog, so here you'll get my take on things.

Thus, tonight we had the tasty fish tacos (ahi tuna, avocado, cabbage, lime, corn tortilla*, fish taco sauce*).

When you see that * you'll know that it's either not strictly Paleo or not at all Paleo. In this case, corn is gluten free but still a grain. And the fish taco sauce is made with sour cream & mayo. I have a recipe for Paleo mayo, but haven't tried it yet.

So tonight I'm feeling bloated. I have to say that I'm surprised that I really CAN tell a difference in how I feel when I eat grain and dairy and sugar (all in the pizza). Maybe there really is something to this Paleo thing after all.

The journey continues...


Angela Satterfield said...

Jenny- Enjoyed reading your blog! I have to say, I myself stopped by Papa Murphy's tonight instead of coming home to cook. It really takes planning to eat well! I thought, oh, I'll find something else at home and let the kids and my brother and my aunt have the pizza, but I still had a slice because it was too easy. I will be suffering tomorrow, also...at least we know what a cheat is now, huh?!

Angela Satterfield said...

I also bookmarked the paleo granola from your memoirs blog- thanks! I was thinking about it today and found it tonight!