Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eating Paleo is a long time coming...

I don't have the drive to share the whole story at this point, but I'll cut to the chase. Drew (my husband) has been encouraging us to eat healthier. I have been clinging desperately to my Dr Pepper and milk chocolate. Even despite being insulin resistant, having difficulty conceiving (PCOS) and having slight hypothyroidism, I have been reluctant to change my eating habits. I have been finding comfort in these foods that are not good for my body. I haven't been able to dig up the reason within myself for rejecting good foods and choosing poor quality foods pumped up with high fructose corn syrup. And not in moderation, mind you, I was eating quite a bit of crap food. I love working out to "offset" my junk eating. But seriously, does that make any sense at all? It really doesn't. I often felt frustration with my grandfather (a type 2 diabetic) as he ate pies, candy and just about anything else he desired. Yet here I have been, taking that same path.

But not anymore.

I have set a goal to eat Paleo for 4 months, starting January 1, 2010. I'm not splitting hairs at this point. Occasionally, I'll probably eat a little dairy or have a little sugar, but as my friend and mentor Jordan Morchat quoted (maybe) Robb Wolf: I'm, "getting out of the way of the bus." My hope is not that I would break the deal on May 1 with a Sonic Dr Pepper, but that these four months would act as a training ground for a new way of eating and living that become life-nourishing and life-long.

...and maybe some day I can kick my daily 2000mg Metformin and 75mg Levothyroxine!

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